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About Routier Outfitting

About Routier Outfitting

Routier Outfitting is owned and operated by Ryan Routier with the help of his older brother Randy. Routier Outfitting was started over 30 years ago by their mom Laurie. Raising three young boys while running a ranch any additional income was welcome. At first, it might have just been a day hunt to go hunt some antelope but Routier Outfitting just kept growing and growing.

Laurie took a photo album of some trophy animals taken on the ranch to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Outdoor Show. That is when clients actually started calling before hand and booking dates to come out to South Dakota to hunt. Those clients kept coming back and bringing other family members and friends. Some hunters have been coming for over 20 years.

Family Owned Hunting Ranch

The History of Routier Outfitters

When Randy was a junior in high school he was in a rodeo accident leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. He went back and finished high school and then on to college for a degree in marketing. After college, he moved back to the family ranch and helped expand the outfitting business even more. He took over all of the phone calls and kept track of the booking dates while helping clients apply for their licenses. He also developed a website to help them reach more potential clients.

After Ryan was done with college he also moved back to the family ranch and took over the actual guiding duties. This combo has worked out just right with Randy doing the office work and Ryan doing the boots on the ground guiding work. While Ryan is doing the everyday chores of ranch living he gets to see the animals and scout pretty much year round without the animals even realizing it. The guides for Routier Outfitting are either the third brother Riley or parents Terry and Laurie or ranch hands that are also on the ranch day in and day out. We do not go out and hire outside people to guide for us. This is truly a family ordeal.

South Dakaota Snow Hunting

Accommodations at Routier Outfitters

Lodging - Unwind after a long day hunting in our newly remodeled ranch house.  Our lodging is comfortable with everything a guy needs:  running water and electricity, cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Meals - Our delicious home-cooked meals will fill you up after a long days hunting. Occasionally we go out to a local restaurant for convenience and a change of pace. No matter where you eat while hunting with Routier Outfitting you won't go hungry.

Winter South Dakota Hunting

Our Location

Routier Outfitting is in the very Northwest corner of South Dakota by the town of Buffalo. It is a seven generation working cattle ranch who just happens to have some great hunting on it. We offer trophy hunts for Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Turkey, Buffalo, Predators and Prairie Dogs. We take a limited number of hunters for each species making sure the quality of trophy animals stays high. Hunters have access to over 50,000 acres of private land to hunt on. Feel free to contact us with any information on booking a hunt. We look forward to having you come as a client and leaving as a friend. Thanks for looking at our operation.