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South Dakota Buffalo Hunting

Buffalo hunting with Routier Outfitting is done on large private ranches that are low fenced and consists of rolling sagebrush on the traditional Buffalo roaming grounds of the 1800s. We have actually found old horns on the ground from these herds. Rumor has it that the last wild Buffalo in this area was actually shot in this place. I'm not actually sure if that was a whiskey rumor or the truth, but it sounds good. You start out in the morning having a home cooked breakfast at the Lodge. Eggs, bacon and toast and the likes are the norm. We arrive at the hunting area right at daylight and start glassing for the trophy of a lifetime.

Archery Bison Hunts

Hunting the Bison

Even though we do meat hunts we are known for our large mature Bulls 10+ years in age. These big brutes have either quit the herd or been kicked out by younger Bulls and are found by themselves or with one or two other older Bulls that have left the herd also. Buffalo herds have a strict hierarchy and once a Buffalo bull reaches a certain age the younger and stronger Bulls take over. That is why old and mature Bulls get kicked out Once the bull that the guide and hunter thinks are worthwhile the stock is on. These hunts are traditional spot and stalk hunting. We don't just drive up and shoot them out the window of the pickup and the pastures are huge. This is not a small pastor feedlot type of hunt where you shoot your animal in an enclosure. This is the real deal. We use the terrain and land features to get within comfortable shooting distance for the hunter.

Dakota Bull Hunts

Hunt with a Gun or a Bow

These hunts can be done with a pistol, archery equipment, muzzleloader or big bore rifles. Be prepared for follow up shots even on a perfect hit. Buffalo have a tremendously high pain tolerance and can be tough to bring down. If other Buffalo are in the area and they smell the blood things can get interesting. They have been known to gore the wounded animal either trying to get them up and help them or eventually kill them.  Because most hunts are in the winter, the hide is prime and at its fullest due to the cold weather. We urge hunters to really prepare if they are planning on doing a full shoulder mount on a trophy Buffalo bull. These Buffalo can weigh over a ton and are bigger than most imagine.

Bison South Dakota

Buffalo Hunting Rates & Dates

  • Trophy bull contact us for availability. 
  • $6500 plus 6% South Dakota Tax.
  • Two days with guides, lodging and meals.
  • No license necessary to hunt these Buffalo in South Dakota, it's a private herd and the season is year round.
  • Trophy hunts are done from December 1 through the end of February

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Bison SD Hunts

What's Included in Your Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo hunting packages are two full days of hunting with your guides, lodging and meals provided. You will arrive the evening before your hunt so we can get an early start on the first day. Transportation while hunting is also on us. You have your own bedroom and bathroom provided. Bring your personal toiletries and hunting gear and we are set. The lodging is a modern day ranch house with electricity, running water, satellite-TV, and Wi-Fi. We look forward to hosting you on a Buffalo hunt many just dream about.

Buffalo Hunting in SD

After the Bison Goes Down

Once the animal is down it is gutted and we take it to the processor and taxidermist if you wish included in the price. We are also experienced with hanging and butchering the Buffalo on the ranch and you can take the meat home in coolers to either your processor or you can process it yourself. We use a taxidermist that specializes in Buffalo and we have had no complaints. Be prepared for a long wait of even over a year to get your mount back simply because not many tanneries can handle the size of a Buffalo sufficiently and this taxidermist is particular.