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South Dakota Prairie Dog Hunting

Prairie dog hunting with Routier Outfitters is an absolute blast. No real early mornings and no pressure of finding the "big one". You well stay in a hotel in Buffalo called the Tipperary Lodge and their phone number is 605-375-3721. We will meet you in Buffalo and load up all of the guns, gear and snack cooler and head out. We have several prairie dog towns that we hunt so you are not stuck in one place the entire time. Once we are at the prairie dog town a canopy is set up to provide shade on the hot summer days. Shooting benches and chairs are set out and the fun begins.

SD Varmit Hunting

Prairie Dog Hunting Weather

The most common question we get is how many rounds per day can the client expect to shoot. If it is a cold, rainy and windy day you might only shoot a very limited number of shots. If it is a mild day that is not too hot or windy you might want to put some tape on your trigger finger to prevent blisters. Some people think that the hotter the better for prairie dog hunting but that is not necessarily true. If it is too hot out there prairie dogs go back down their holes where it is cooler. One thing is for sure we have the prairie dogs you just have to hope the weather cooperates a little.

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Prairie Dog Hunting in South Dakota

Bring the Weapon of Your Choice

You can bring anything from a .22 all the way up to a shoulder bruising beast of a rifle. We have even had clients bring archery equipment to try their luck. Whatever you like to shoot bring it. Shots can range from 10 yards to literally as far as you want to try. The prairie dog season in South Dakota is year round but we typically take clients during the months of May, June, July and the first part of August. If we go much earlier there is still a good chance of snow and our archery antelope season starts the third Saturday of August.

SD Varmit Benches

Prairie Dog Hunting Rates

  • $350 plus Tax per day per shooter.
  • No lodging or meals but fully guided.

Prairie Dog Hunting License Info

If you by chance have a big game license for the same year in South Dakota you do not need an additional license to hunt prairie dogs. If you are coming to South Dakota just to hunt prairie dogs you can either order your license early online at the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Website or at many additional locations throughout the state such as Walmart on your way out. A nonresident small game license is needed in South Dakota to hunt prairie dogs and it cost $121

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