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South Dakota Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

South Dakota Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Routier Outfitting is known for their trophy archery antelope hunting. The majority of archery antelope hunting is done using blinds over waterholes. The blinds are set up in the preseason so the antelope are used to them by the time season rolls around. If it is a really cold and wet year we put the blinds on fence crossings and on the antelopes favorite grazing spots in the agricultural fields. Spot and stalk hunting behind decoys is also a proven method. Most shots will be within 30 yards or less but the further you can comfortably shoot the better your chances are.

Antelope Hunting in SD

Get Your Bow Ready for the Big Hunt

After booking a trophy archery antelope hunt with Routier Outfitting  we recommend that you do a lot of practicing sitting down in a chair just like you would when hunting out of a blind. If you have a blind to practice out of that is even better. Believe it or not every year we have blinds that get shot from archery hunters. Your site picture and pins might be looking good but your arrow that is several inches below them won't make it out the window if you're not paying attention

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Are You Up to the Challenge?

Trophy archery antelope hunting with Routier Outfitting can be more of a mental challenge instead of a physical challenge. Sitting in a blind for 12 hours a day just gets to some people. We are fortunate enough to take quite a few P&Y animals and you have a great chance of a true giant. South Dakota's archery antelope hunting season traditionally starts the third Saturday of August and goes to the end of September and then opens up again the last half of October.

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Be Prepared for Your Antelope Hunt

You will want to wear dark clothing or camouflage on the top half of your body. If it is really hot like we hope there is nothing wrong with wearing shorts on the bottom half of your body. Bring quite a variety of clothing because the early morning can still be quite chilly but it sure can get warm in the blinds come the afternoon. After a good breakfast, the guides will take you to your blinds with a cooler full of snacks and cold water. We recommend you bring lots of reading material or something to keep you occupied during the downtime.

Trophy Hunting in SD

Archery Hunting Rates:

  • $1750 plus Tax.
  • Includes lodging, guides and meals.
  • 3 Days, fully guided.
  • Archery antelope hunting licenses in South Dakota are guaranteed.
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Trophy Antelope Hunting Dakota

Combo Hunts Available

Archery Deer & Antelope

  • $5000 plus Tax.
  • Includes lodging, guides and meals.
  • 5-7 Days
  • Last week of September or last 2 weeks of October.