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Dacia Meneguzzo

Dacia Meneguzzo

Fall 2016 - mule deer - North Branch, MN

Routier Outfitting is the best! They help you every step of the way. Randy helped me get my license online and Ryan guided me to getting a big, beautiful muley on my first mule deer hunt ever! He goes above and beyond to make sure your hunt is successful. We had many exciting stalks on big deer. Nice accommodations, good food, great times, incredible hunting. We highly recommend Routier Outfitting and can’t wait to come back for another hunt!

steve rucinski

fall 2016 Antelope - Mosinee,WI

As an avid bowhunter i'm constantly on the lookout for a great hunting opportunity. With so many options to choose from it can some times be difficult to decide who's really good vs who's just out there to make a buck. Well as a hunter who's gone on many hunts in multiple states and provinces, I whole heartedly recommend Routier Outfitting to anyone who serious about a great hunt with great value! Ryan and the group are very accommodating, knowledgeable and maybe most importantly hardworking for their hunters! Whether it's antelope, mule deer, whitetails or the other species available Ryan knows his stuff! He also listen well to the clients, catering to there specific strengths and weakness's as hunters ( because we all have those )On this trip, my 1st with Ryan, I was successful due to his KNACK for knowing what to do and when to do it! This is what I believe great hunter/outfitters possess and I've been fortunate to hunt with quite of few of these types. I will be back hunting with Ryan as soon as I can fit SD back into my fall hunt schedule and the next time it will be for Whitetails'. You can't go wrong on any hunt with Ryan and Routier Outfitting in my opinion. Steve Rucinski

Rick Hoil

2015, 2016 (Archery Antelope). - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Great place to hunt, comfortable accommodations and great staff helping you from the minute you arrive. I love to antelope hunt and would not consider many other options!!

Kevin Schlueter

Fall 2015 and 2016 - Mukwonago, Wisconsin

I did a combo Mule Deer/Antelope hunt in late September of 2016 with Ryan. The plan was to harvest a Mule Deer buck before chasing Antelope, and Ryan stuck to that plan. Despite some very wet weather the first several days, we were on deer all the time with numerous close encounters with Pope & Young bucks. On the morning of the 5th day, I was fortunate to harvest a great buck! I was then focused on Antelope by noon and harvested a great P & Y buck the very next day. Harvesting two P & Y animals on back to back days made for an amazing hunt. The quality of the animals and entire experience exceeded my expectations. Ryan knows his ground and animals very well and will work hard to insure his hunters enjoy their time on the Routier ranch. I will definitely hunt with Ryan, Marcus, and Brandee again and would recommend Routier Outfitters to anyone.

Todd Delaney

Todd Delaney

Fall 2014, 2015 and 2016 - Onalaska, WI

After finally deciding it was time to go on an antelope hunt I did some research and ended up getting in touch with Routier outfitting. I've always told myself I wouldn't go on an outfitted hunt unless I knew somebody personally that has went on a hunt with that outfitter. I didn't know anyone that hunted with Ryan. After talking to Ryan for about 45 minutes and hardly getting a word in, I could tell the passion that he had and the excitement for his business. I decided to book a hunt for the fall of 2014 and talked to a friend and the two of us went out and had a great time. Since then we went back in 2015, 2016 and we are going back again this fall. I've also had a couple other friends go out to Antelope hunt with him. I'm also taking a couple other friends out with me this fall to Antelope hunt. In addition to antelope hunting, I've also went out with a group to do some praire dog shooting and had a couple friends go out and do some turkey hunting with Ryan. Ryan goes above and beyond what I thought any Outfitter would ever do, he's a class act and you won't be disappointed with the experience.

Dusty Freitag

Dusty Freitag

Fall 2014, 15,&16 (archery antelope) spring 2017 (Turkey) - Osseo, Wisconsin

I continue to be amazed by the beauty of the NW plains of South Dakota and the people I have gotten to know in the Routier family. I have to consider my hunting experiences over the last 3.5 years to be exceptional, regardless of harvesting an animal or not (despite 100% opportunity). Ryan always gives you 100%, always personable, always courteous, and always a friend. My son and I just returned from our first spring trip and harvested our first Merriam turkeys with a bow 2 days ago. If you want a positive hunting experience in a very target-rich beautiful landscape with a class act guide, family and friends (Brandi and Marcus), consider Routier outfitting.....its now a biannual trip for me.

Dickie Lawton

February, 2017 - St. Francisville, Louisiana

Wanting a piece of Americana, I booked a Bison hunt with Randy and Ryan Routier. This is a family owned and operated business in conjunction with their ranching. This whole affair exceeded my expectations in all phases giving it a 5 star rating. The areas they hunt are vast and include rolling prararies, to canyons, to creek and river bottoms. They are constantly working and adding to enhance the game environment with multiple food plots for each year's season and planting of tree lines for cover/ habitat. Much game was spotted across their hunting ranges for Antelope, Mulies, Turkey and Whitetails. A plethoria of each species. The accomodations, table fare and conversations are most excellent and have to say that you'll probably gain weight while there. Miss Brandee could cook a coyote and make it taste good. The Bison hunt is not a 'fish in a barrel' endevour, you will have to hunt and stalk them, my hunt requiring many movements and set ups before being able to getting a shot. Ryan worked hard at making it happen and spared no efforts in the chase. Routier Outfitting is well equipped and totally dedicated to making their hunts a success for their clients and in all facets of the hunt, so much so that I will be booking with them in the future for Turkey and Whitetail. Regards, Dickie Lawton byumudbugs@yahoo.com

Paul Korn

Fall 2014,15,16,17 - Baldwin, WI

Best Mule Deer and Antelope Outfitter ever! I have hunting for several years with Ryan he works hard, is very knowledgeable and always gives 100%

Eric Kuehne

Eric Kuehne

Fall, 2016 - Buffalo, SD

My first archery Antelope hunt with Routier Outfitting was in Fall of 2014. I returned for a second archery Antelope hunt in 2016. I was fortunate enough to bag nice Antelope both years. Routier Outfitting was an experience that far exceeded any expectations I could have ever imagined. Thanks to the effort that was put in by Ryan Routier and Markus Müller. After the hunt Brandee cooked up some fantastic meals. I look forward to my next hunt with Routier Outfitting.

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